Ultra-precision μ-MIM®️ (μ-metal injection moulding)
Porous metal
Resin moulding
Measurement service

TAISEI KOGYO is a research-and-development-type SME with manufacturing headquarters and an R&D lab in Neyagawa, Osaka Prefecture. Beside those, we are operating a factory and another R&D lab in Thailand.
We aim to be a manufacturing company with the world's best MIM technology with the above four core factors.
We have obtained particular patents for ultra-precision MIM applied to our production of small precise metal components in various industries.


Satisfy customers with credence
Our company can only flourish from gaining the customers' choice. We strive to gain credence and satisfy customers via our Monodzukuri (manufacturing).
Love people, materials and machines
People, materials and machines are three elements of production. We will engage in manufacturing with the spirit of valuing the things we interact every day.
Develop technology to stay ahead of the times
The company chosen by customers is a company that has the ability to develop technologies that are one step ahead of the times and provide products of stable quality.



Create an impression from our everyday performance
TAISEI KOGYO reviews the work environment frequently to improve employee motivation for work. We provide highly functional products with high-quality assurance to make impressions on customers and society.


1) Provide high quality assured unique products
We ensure products that we manufacture ourselves are satisfied with the quality while responding to the requirements from the customer.
2) Win the trust of society and the community
We respect the regulations and take socially responsible actions.
3) Keep improving
We strive to improve ourselves to achieve our target constructively.



  • We will respond to customer requests and provide products that are reliable and satisfy those requests.
  • Manage risks and strive to reduce those risks.
  • Ensure our quality management system are effectively applied and keep seeking its improvement.
  • Recognise safety-related issues regarding medical devices production and comply with relevant laws and regulations.


We strive to understand accurately the requirements that customers really need, and process manufacturing including design, development, and production activities in compliance with laws and regulations and the items we deem necessary.
Furthermore, we set our quality targets to aim to provide products reliable and satisfied. We contribute to society and preserve the local environment from our technology improvement.



  • Understand the environmental impact of development and production activities and ensure that all employees are thoroughly educated and trained in environmental conservation activities.
  • Comply with relevant applicable environmental laws and regulations, and other requirements recognised.
  • We work through energy and resource savings, reduction of output, and recycling. We set environmental objectives and targets that will lead to sustainable economic development.
  • Publicize our environmental policy.


We pursue superior technologies that are friendly to people and the earth and develop and produce energy-saving and resource-saving ultra-compact high-performance metal components.
We will pursue success and protect the global environment in harmony with nature and human activities.


Representative Chairman and Representative Director / Shigeo Tanaka
President / Tomoyuki Yokota
Location;Head Office 26-1 Ikeda-Kitamachi, Neyagawa, Osaka, 572-0073, Japan
Location;Tokyo Sales Office Gloria Hatsuho Machida 905, 3-18-27 Kamizuruma Honcho, Minami, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, 252-0318, Japan
Location;Research Lab Creation Core Higashi Osaka South Building Room 2107, 1-47-1 Aramoto Kita, Higashi Osaka, Osaka 577-0011, Japan
TEL/FAX +81 072-829-3588 / +81 072-827-3390
Founded January 1972
Established June 1974
Capital 10 million yen
Employee Approximately 40
Overseas subsidiary TAISEI KOGYO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
Micro MIM Europe GmbH


Jan 1972 Founded in Higashi-Osaka, Osaka, Japan
Jun 1974 Established TAISEI KOGYO CO., LTD.
Apr 1980 Moved head office and factory to Ikeda-Kitamachi, Neyagawa, Osaka
Apr 1987 Second factory operated in Ikeda-Kitamachi, Neyagawa, Osaka
Jul 1991 Operated Taima Higashi Office in Hama Higashi, Neyagawa, Osaka
Aug 1994 Kyoto Research Lab operated in Chudo-Ji Minamicho, Shimogyo, Kyoto
Sep 1997 Quality ISO9001 certified
Oct 1998 Kyoto Research Lab relocated to Ritsumeikan University BKC Liaison Office
Dec 1999 Environment ISO14001 certified
Apr 2000 Relocated research facility from Ritsumeikan University to head office
Apr 2002 Join IVAM (Germany) as a first member in Asia, First exhibition in Hannover
May 2005 PM factory operated, Closed Taima Higashi office
Mar 2007 Selected "100 Good KANSAI Manufacturing Companies"
Apr 2008 Selected as "300 healthy manufacturing companies"
Feb 2009 Selected as "193 Osaka manufacturing signboard companies"
May 2009 Integrated second factory into the head office
Sep 2010 Research Laboratory operated at Creation Core Higashi Osaka
Aug 2011 Established TAISEI KOGYO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. In Thailand
Sep 2013 Tokyo Sales Office operated
Mar 2016 Established representative office in Germany
Oct 2017 Shigeo Tanaka becomes chairman and Tomoyuki Yokota becomes president
May 2019 ISO13485 certified
May 2020 R&D lab moved to the headquarters
Oct 2022 Established a local subsidiary in Germany


Head Office

26-1 Ikeda-Kitamachi, Neyagawa, Osaka, 572-0073, Japan
TEL: +81 072-829-3588 FAX: +81 072-827-3390

Tokyo Sales Office

Gloria Hatsuho Machida 905, 3-18-27 Kamizuruma Honcho, Minami, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, 252-0318, Japan
TEL: +81 042-851-5092 FAX: +81 042-851-5093

Offenburg Office

In der Spöck 12 (Im TPO) 77656 Offenburg Germany
TEL: +49 781-6301-4281

Micro MIM Europe GmbH

Graf-Adolf-Straße 41, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany
TEL: +49 211-1583-3055


Factory19/65 Moo.10, Klong Nueng, Khlong Luang, Pathumthani 12120 Thailand
TEL: 02-520-3191-2 FAX: 02-520-3193


Lab141 Thailand Science Park, Room No. INC2D-409, 4th Floor, Phahonyothin Road, Klong 1, Khlong Luang, Pathumthani 12120 Thailand
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