What is MIM?

Metal powder injection moulding (MIM) is a manufacturing method for metal products by injection moulding material called feedstock, which is a mixture of metal powder and a binder made of resin, wax, etc., into a mould and sintering them.

MIM process

MIM process MIM process
*Our original μ-MIM technology is applied 

MIM Features

Conventional MIM Additional feature by μ-MIM®
  • Difficult-to-work materials and high melting point materials are available.
  • The surface roughness is lower than other powder metallurgy parts since the finer metal powder is applied.
  • Stainless steel is mainly used.
  • Further improvement of surface roughness and dimensional accuracy by applying ultra-fine powder with a proprietary binder system.
  • Titanium, titanium alloy, copper, copper alloy, precious metal, and other new alloy materials are also available.
  • A high degree of design freedom (e.g. side holes, undercuts) compared to powder metallurgy parts.
  • High transferability (e.g. small characters, complicated surface patterns).
  • Thin wall structure.
  • Feasible to change manufacturing method from lost-wax and CNC machining
  • Mass production of complex hollow shapes with 3D-μMIM®technology.
  • Ultra-thin wall structure.
Injection moulding
  • Complex shapes with free curves.
  • Bi-colour moulding of MIM.
  • Moulding with the same level of difficulty as plastic injection moulding.
Injection moulding
Sintered body
  • The less quality variation between manufacturing lots.
  • Excellent mechanical properties compared to general powder metallurgy parts due to the high relative density of 95% or more (in SUS).
  • Various surface treatments, heat treatment and plating etc., are possible.
  • Achieves a level of accuracy that does not require secondary processing (except for some threads and so on).

Accuracy and specifications

Conventional MIM μ-MIM®
Material Length <50mm <10mm 
Maximum 30mm in one direction
Thickness 0.5~5mm
Minimum wall thickness 0.3mm(partial) 0.1 mm (6mm square)
Smallest hole size 0.3mm(partial) Φ0.03mm
Tolerance < 5mm +/- 0.03mm +/- 0.01mm
5-10mm +/- 0.04mm +/- 0.03mm
10-20mm +/- 0.08mm
20-30mm +/- 0.15mm
Relative density(%) 95-98 > 98.5
Surface roughness (Ra) < 3μm 0.3μm(In case of applying ultra fine powder)
Rmax < 10μm 2~10μm
Product weight < 50g ≦ 10g

What is μ-MIM®?

μ-MIM® is a technology that realises ultra-precise MIM components. It is a technology that includes not only miniaturization of the product size but also its accuracy and quality assurance.
μ-MIM® meets the following demands.

  • ▪ Mass production of components and materials that are difficult to machine
  • ▪ Integration of small components that are difficult to assemble
  • ▪ Mass production of components with size and tolerance requirements that are difficult by conventional MIM production
  • ▪ Add value to components by integrating functions

In conventional MIM, most of the parts have a size of several millimetres to several centimetres and must satisfy the dimensional tolerance of
about 5-10% of its size.
The product size is smaller, the required tolerance is also smaller thus the difficulties of manufacturing is increased.
μ‐MIM® realises mass production in that area

μ-MIM Dimensional accuracy and product size