Design tips for MIM component manufacturing

For product planning

Parting line

The line mark at the mould parting interface is unavoidable.
In µ-MIM products, it is suppressed to a level that cannot be visually distinguished, however, we design the mould so that the parting line will not locate at the area that the surface roughness is crucial.

Gate mark

It is also unavoidable for the material injection port as a gate mark. We design the gate size and location to avoid the problems such as affecting the part function, productivity as well as quality stability.

Ejector pin mark

When the component is removed from the mould, the component is pushed out with pins, and the traces of the pins are generated.
We design the mould so that the ejection pin marks do not affect the component.

Draft angle

It is the inclination to remove the component from the mould.
Generally, around 1 degree is required however, we can propose a design that minimises the angle.

Undercut design

It is a design that moulded parts cannot be removed from the mould.
We will respond by using a slide system in a mould and / or 3D-μMIM® technology.

Sharp corner design

Adding a curve or chamfer plane at the corner leads to stable quality. We propose a minimal design as needed.

Runner type

There are two types of mould runners.

Our feedstock yield is 100%, therefore, we propose the runner system design depending on the production volume and mould budget.

Sprue, Runner Injection cycle time Adequate production quantity
Cold runner Yes Long ≤ 100,000 pcs/month
Hot runner No Short ≥ 100,000 pcs/month