Industrial equipment Titanium, titanium alloy Stainless steel ≤ 0.1 g Downsizing Multi-function Material improvement Hollow structure Thin-wall Undercut Fine morphology Integration Innovative design

Micro size that goes beyond conventional MIM technogloy or CNC machining technology! 
We are capable of mass production of complicated internal structure with near net shape.

Part name φ2.25 micro check valve
Industry Industrial equipment
Material Various stainless steel, titanium alloy etc.
Tolerance Less than ±0.3%
Weight 0.1g
Size Outer diameter:φ2.25mm Thinnest wall thickness:less than 0.2mm
Shape characteristic Comlicated internal structure with a sphere

Our 3D-MIM® technology manufactures near net shape micro check valves with high tolerance. We mass produce thin wall thickness of less than 0.2mm which is very difficult to inject with conventional MIM. We could manufacture even smaller than this sample.