Industrial equipment Gear Stainless steel ≥ 1.0 g Complex design Machining

Bevel gear: This OEM bevel gear is traditionally produced by machining but due to its small size it is impossible to machining so metal injection moulding or MIM process is the solution to manufacture this type of bevel gear.


Miter gear: This is OEM miter gear and used in combination of bevel gear.

Part name Bevel gear & Miter gear
Industry Industrial equipment
Category Gear
Material Bevel gear : AISI 4140 / Miter gear : SS304L
Tolerance Bevel gear : ≤ 0.5% / Miter gear : ± 0.007 mm
Weight Bevel gear : 1.136 g. / Miter gear : 2.036 g.
Size Bevel gear : 8.78x8.78x5.75 mm. / Miter gear : 15x15x5.12 mm.
Shape characteristic Miter gear : diameter: φ15mm, Thickness : 5.1 mm